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  • The Asian Council of Logistics Management has formally started functioning from February 1996.The Logistics movement got impetus from the Council of Logistics Management (CLM), USA, University of British Columbia and Georgia Southern University. It was felt by some of the practicing managers in the field of logistics study and practices in Asia to achieve the following missions:

    (a) Leadership in defining and understanding the logistics process.

    (b) Offering a forum for the exchange of ideas amongst logistics professionals.

    (c) Contribution towards enhancement of customer value and supply chain performance

    Lighter moments at the Dinner Party after Convention.
    Lighter moments at the Dinner Party after Convention.
    Steamer Party
    Steamer Party

  • The Asian Council of Logistics Management was, therefore, formed to achieve the laid down mission.

  • Eminent personalities having interest in logistics discipline were contacted, who volunteered to render help by providing office accommodation, guidance and sponsorship, etc.

  • A brochure, conveying what logistics is all about, a folder giving out various component of logistics were printed and dispatched to various organizations and eminent persons.

  • The first meeting of the ACLM was convened on 19.2.96 and was attended by 9 practicing professionals in logistics. In that meeting a Governing Body was formed in which Mr. S. K. Ghose, Executive Director, Coal India Limited was elected as Convenor and Brig. M.D. Kamath, Chief Materials Manager & Ex-Officio Additional Secretary, DVC as President. The action plan was drawn, to be implemented by the Governing Body. Thereafter, the Committee in its extended form with the increased number of members has met on every 3rd Friday of the month. Today ACLM has in its fold 125 members from all over the country and abroad.

     Area of Priority
  • The Governing Body during its various meeting laid down priorities on the following areas

    (a) Publication of quarterly organ 'Logistics Today'.

    (b) Growth in Membership and get the ACLM registered under Societies Act.

    (c) Holding of Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Panel Discussion, Annual Convention etc.

    (d) Conduct of capsules and orientation courses on Logistics Management.

    (e) Primary and secondary research on logistics related areas.

    (f) Formulation of Logistics Management Course for Under Graduates and Post Graduates.

    (g) Building up a Library of Books, publications and journals on logistics and related areas.

    (h) Collection of Indian/Asian case studies in logistics and related areas.

    (i) Publication of Text Book on Logistics Management and other related Management Disciplines where integration of logistics become essential.

    (j) Open branches in major townships.

    (k) Render specialized consultancy services in logistics related areas.

    (l) Publishing Directory of Logistics Service Providers.

    (m) Establish world-wide contacts with similar type of institutions. .

  • (a) Logistics Today: Logistics today is being published every quarter. Besides members, these are being mailed to over 50 logistics professional bodies all over the world, Post Graduate Management Institutes, Chambers of Commerce, selected Secretaries to Government of India, State Govt. Officials, Ordnance Factories and other dignitaries. Logistics Today is now popular and in demand. 35 issues of Logistics Today have so far been published.

    (b) Membership:"ACLM today has been able to expand its membership base to around 250 individuals." .

    (c) Registration: ACLM has been registered under the West Bengal Societies Act on 6th May,1998.

    (d) Seminar/Panel Discussion: Following seminars/Panel Discussions/Conventions have been held so far in Kolkata:

    (i) One day seminar on 'Logistics 2000' on 7th December 1996.

    (ii) Panel Discussion on 'Logistics Support for Empowering' on 12th April,1997.

    (iii) One day seminar on 'Cost Effectiveness Through Logistics Excellence' on 6th March, 1999.

    (iv) 1st National Convention 'Logistics Management-Challenges for the Millennium' on 21st & 22nd December 2000.

    (v) 2nd National Convention 'Logistics-The Cutting Edge for Competition ' on 8th & 9th February 2002.

    (vi) 3rd National Convention 'Infrastructure - Capability, Constraints, Compatibility' on 17th, 18th January 2003.

    (vii) 4th National Convention on the theme "Logistics Tomorrow - Players, Platforms, Processes" .

    (viii) 5th National Convention on the theme "Regional Economy - Challenges & Strategies for Logistics Management" .

    (ix) 6th National Convention on the theme "Cost Effectiveness - Through Supply Chain Knowledge" .

    (x) 7th National Convention on the theme "Mastering the Challenges of Supply Chain Nerwork in India" .

    (xi) Workshop on : International Trade Finance and UCP 600 on 8th August, 2008
    (xii) Training Programme on Logistics Management for ONGC Academy from 19th - 23rd january, 2009
    (xiii) 8th National Convention on the theme Connect- Create- Collaborate- Logistics & Supply Chains for Optimizing Costs on 6th March, 2009
    (xiv) One Day Workshop on “Logistics Management” for MSTC Ltd. organized at their premises on 11th December, 2009.
    (xv) 9th National Convention on the theme; “Enter the Fast Lane of Supply Chain with World Class Infrastructure” held at Hotel Trident, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai on 19th & 20th March, 2010.
    (xvi)10th National Convention on the theme, 'Logistics & Supply Chain Management Problems Today – Solutions for Tomorrow' held on 11th November, 2011 at Hotel Oberoi Grand, Kolkata.
    (xvii)11th National Convention on the theme, 'Logistics : Vision – Value - Velocity' held on 2nd February, 2013 at APTDC Beach Resorts, Vishakhapattanam.

    (e) Research Study : The gist of research carried out by ACLM Research Bureau and details of its functioning has been reported in the various issues of ' Logistics Today ' on the subjects like 'Specification of Ambulances', 'Preventive maintenance of Health Care equipments', etc .

    (f) Course Curriculum:

    (I) One year certificate course on Logistics Management leading to gradation as Certified Logistics professional (CLP) ,recognized by West Bengal State Council of Technical Education has been concluded under CORSI-ACLM Joint Academic Program. Evening classes were held thrice in a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at 7/3, Mandeville Garden, Calcutta-19. Total strength of the Class was eleven. An expert team of faculty conducted the classes.

    (II) The second Certificate Course on Logistics Management was inaugurated on 1st August 2002 in which 38 students were enrolled. This year the enrolment had been substantially increased due to the Public Relations effort done through Ananda Bazar Patrika and Times of India. The classes were being held at Ramrick Institution, Calcutta. This syllabus was thoroughly revised and had been made more practical oriented with a view to see that the students get absorbed in the corporate world after completing this course. A separate committee looked after the gamut of activities along with a dedicated Programme Coordinator.

    (III) The Third Academic Session has started on and from 1st September 2003 with 27 students. Now classes are being held at the Bhawanipur Education Society College, 20, Lala Lajpatrai Sarani, Kolkata- 700020. There was yet another revision in the syllabus as the empowered Committee decided to update the Course Curriculum.

    (IV) ACLM has been helping to get employment opportunities who had successfully completed the Course and were awarded with the Certificate (CLP). To provide such help, ACLM is publishing one Placement Profile where necessary bio-data of all successful students including their evaluation are printed along with their photographs. The profiles are sent to different prospective employers with a request from ACLM for providing opportunities to the students. The response so far is very encouraging and most students, completing the Course got opportunities for interviews and subsequent employment.

    (V) The academic sessions are continuing with regular updation of Course curriculum. The sessions are being organized by Cadopia in cooperation with ACLM

    (g) Capsules & Training Programs: A Capsule Course and a Logistics Orientation Course were successfully conducted and have received applause from the participants.

    (h) Distance Education: Netaji Subhash Open University have been approached for running Logistics Management Courses for the Defense personnel and others under their recommendation, guidance and help. The university has responded and asked to submit further information on our request, DGR, Ministry of Defence has also been briefed on our venture.

    (i) Library: An attractive library with books on logistics and related subject has been established. Journals/newsletters from other logistics professional bodies throughout the world are being received regularly on exchange basis.

    (j) Case Study: Some of the case studies on Indian/Asian environment in Logistics related areas have been published in 'Logistics Today'.

    (k) Text Book on Logistics: A book solely on Logistics Management namely "Logistics Management-Definitions, Dimensions & Functional Application" written by Dr.S.K.Bhattacharya, Secretary, ACLM has been published by S. Chand & Company. First edition has been completely sold out. The Second edition of the publication was formally released by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Shri Buddhadeb Bhattarcharjee, in the year 2007.

    Logistics Management-Definitions, Dimensions and Functional Applications

    Asian Council of Logistics Management

    S.Chand & Company
    ISBN 81-7544-219-0
    155mm X 240mm
    128 pages Paperback

    Logistics Management: Definitions, Dimensions and Functional Applications is a first of its kind research publications for the Asian countries. The book covers almost all the aspects and facets of Logistics Management, definitions, supply chain management, organization, management of logistics information, third party alliance, disposal / reverse logistics, strategic planning, monitoring, activity based costing, operations research and computer applications.

    Content Highlights

    - Definition, Concepts, Components, Requirements

    - Supply Chain Management

    - Organizing Logistics Functions

    - Management of Information in Logistics Functions

    - Multimodal Transportation

    - Third Party Alliance: Issues and Cases

    - The Reverse Logistics Process

    ·- Integrating Strategic Planning for Logistics Functions- The Method of Accomplishment

    - Measurement and Improvement of Logistics Service- Quality and Performance

    - Activity Based Costing and Logistics

    - Operations Research and Logistics Decision Making

    - The Place of Logistics Management- Present and Future

    - Bibliography

    (l) Article: Articles on logistics ' Integrated Logistics and benefits to Indian Industries' has been published by The Statesman on 25.6.97 and another article written in Bengali language ' Industrial Management : Logistics Showing new ways' has been published in Ananda Bazar Patrika on 17.8.99.

    (m) Delhi Chapter: A chapter at Delhi was inaugurated on 14th June 1998 by our Patron Lt.Gen. S.K.Bhatnagar, PVSM, AVSM, Maj.Gen. (Retd.) B.S.Keron, V.S.M has been nominated as chapter chairman.

    (n) Recognition: ACLM has been featured as one of the 78 Logistics Professional Organization of the World in the Directory of Organizations interested in logistics published by CLM, USA in 1997.

    The Material Handling and Management Society, USA has affiliated ACLM for the purpose of international advancement of the material handling profession and promotion of understanding and cooperation between the two organizations.

    Communication Partnership, London has arranged to send free copy of 'Air Cargo World' to a number of members of ACLM.

    A London based publication 'MT Logistics' has asked for Indian base case study for publication which has been forwarded.

    (0) Friend of ACLM: Following organizations have enrolled their names as friend of ACLM

    (i) Indian Aluminum Co.Ltd.

    (ii) Indian Oil Corpn.Ltd.

    (iii) Mother Dairy, Calcutta

    (iv) Indian Institute of Coal Management, Ranchi

    (p) The Bangalore Study Centre is on course to be opened shortly. The Study Centre will conduct Certificate Courses in Logistice & Supply Chain Management.

    For Details : Contact Col(Retd.) M.E. Fernandes
    Email :

     Plus Agenda
  • (a) Consultancy: ACLM offered its consultancy services to one Inland Water Transport Corporation, DGOF, IFB Agro and some of the leading Management consultants.

    (b) Placement Services: We have been intimating through Logistics Today for placement services. We have been able to induct few personnel in the private sector companies.

     Future Programme
  • ACLM is just 7 years old. In the days, months and years to come with the cooperation of members in particular and society in general we endeavor to-

    (a) Grow membership in numbers.
    (b) Open ACLM branches at Hyderabad, Pune, Bombay & Bangalore.
    (c) Organize ACLM national convention at Delhi.
    (d) Bring out another encompassing various logistics process, viz. sourcing, purchasing, transportation, packaging, warehousing, etc. Another manuscript on logistics of health care units is ready.
    (e) Develop young logistics professionals with 10+2 certificates.
    (f) Impart short duration capsules, workshops, training program on logistics related areas in large organization throughout the country.
    (g) Bring out Journal of Asian Logistics.
    (h) Popularize logistics management advantage through publication, interaction and volunteering our services to sister professional organization through out Asia.

  • We are members of ACLM from the very beginning NEVER looked at profit as a prime objective. In fact there are lot of expenditure our members incurred have been made as voluntary donations. It will be the endeavor of the Governing Body to keep every one informed about the progress we make over the coming days through media of 'Logistics Today'. Our further endeavor to add to the prestige and glamour of our professional competence will continue.